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R2R is committed to giving back to our community and helping those who need it most by offering our services and help.

Our Charity Of The Year Is: 

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Who Are Rowan:

Rowan is a vibrant, independent, registered charity providing an arts center and forest school for adults with learning disabilities. 

Since 1984 they have offered a safe, creative, and enriching environment where the arts are used as a tool to bring people together and tackle social exclusion. They develop the skills and potential of our students while improving their happiness, health and wellbeing. They also deliver much needed respite to families and carers.

Rowan provides a range of creative workshops in woodwork, ceramics, textiles, print, mixed media, drama and music.

They  arrange regular trips to theatres, museums and exhibitions to explore art and culture further.

In 2020 they launched Rowan Rangers, a new forest school which enables students to be creative and connect with nature.

They have a strong social enterprise ethos and accept large and small commissions from individuals and organisations. They also produce artworks and other items to sell online and at exhibitions and events.

In addition, Rowan runs a range of community art classes during evenings and weekends. 

They offer opportunities for volunteering including supporting our artists in the workshops, supporting our fundraising and events team, as well as day-to-day support during break times.

They believe that people living with a disability should have the same choice, quality of life, opportunities and aspirations as others and with your support we shall continue to make that possible.

We have had a chance to visit this incredible charity, and to meet some of the staff, and were blown away by their commitment and devotion to the charity, and to providing the best center for those who need it. We also met some of the residents who were enjoying time in the workshops, creating art and sculptures- it was wonderful to see such unique and expressive work, and the smiles on everyone's faces.

We really wanted to support Rowan as it is a small charity, tucked away in a beautiful road in Cambridge, and we feel more people should know about the amazing work they do. This year, as well as providing Fire Door maintenance free of charge, all of us at R2R will also be dedicating time to helping with the general maintenance of their building, to ensure the building, is kept in the best condition to continue to provide a fun, safe place for adults to go. We hope this will save them some money which would have had to be spent having these issues sorted, which they can put to better use in providing more services.

Find Out More Out Rowan And The Amazing Work They Do:

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