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4 Storey Residential Dwelling




GRP, roofing, and repointing work

Summary of Works:

Our client had asked to carry out full repairs to this roofing area that had ongoing problems for quite a while. Scaffolding was arranged, by ourselves, to be able to carry out these extensive works safely.

The job required our teams to repair all existing lead flashings. Remove all plastic flashings and renew them with lead.


All pointing needed thoroughly checking, and any defective repointing raked out and renew.

The top coat of the roof was mineral felt. All mineral felt was checked and any damage was repaired as necessary. The felt was pulled back and checks were made to all roof timbers any timbers found to be rotten were replaced. On our initial inspection it was apparent the felt was not in a very good condition, therefore we recommended GRP roofing was installed. It was also our recommendation that the valleys were replaced with GRP as it is lighter than lead. Our GRP roofing comes with a 25 year guarantee, and is an incredibly effective roofing solution.

Contact us for further information or make a booking on firestopping and compartmentation services outlined above.

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