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5 Storey Residential Apartments




Firestopping and compartmentation across all riser cupboards

Summary of Works:

Our client requested our services in Fire stopping following a recent Fire Risk Assessment. There were various issues which needed addressing with urgency. But one of the more serious issues was the lack of fires topping in the riser cupboards.

Horizontal firestopping (penetrations in walls and gaps between walls and door frames) in all the riser cupboards was non-existent. The horizontal firestopping is needed to reduce the travel of fire and smoke from the riser and into the flat lobbies. Without this compartmentation fire and smoke would travel easily, and quickly, up the whole building.


Our teams installed fire batts and sealed all penetrations in the riser cupboards. We also saw to installed double seals to the ground floor gas cupboard which was another priority point raised in the HSFRA report. With these, and the addition of FB2 locks being added to all cupboards this property has increased exponentially in fire safety and can be rest assured the afore mentioned points are now all in line with regulation standards.

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