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Retail Park EWS Survey




EWS and cladding removal, for inspection and testing

Summary of Works:

R2R were approached by our client to carry out EWS and cladding removal for inspection, of a large retail park in Brighton. Samples to be removed were selected prior to our arrival, and our teams had a full and detailed list of the areas needed to be removed for detailed inspection and testing.

The units appeared to be of differing cladding types. There was no ‘as built’ information and they could have potentially been built in differing phases, so it was vital to ensure a sample was taken from each unit. Samples were taken from the buildings, and a fixing plate over the holes in sampling locations was then fixed to ensure the buildings were watertight, the fixing plates used were to match as close as possible to the original exterior. 10 samples from various units and areas were taken in total.

The samples were then taken away and labelled and sent for testing at a local BRE facility. Our client visited our team on site on the day and was impressed with the work done, and the professionalism of our teams.

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