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East Village Apartments



East Village, Stratford

EWS Soffit Inspection and Cladding removal

Summary of Works:

Following completion of inspections carried out previously on all wall systems within the East Village buildings, it was found that a more intense inspection of the balcony soffits was needed. This is where R2R worked with AESG to undertake these inspections.

The locations were identified and mapped out beforehand to have panel removal work, by R2R to allow for inspection. These were inspected to identify if aluminium composite material (ACM) is present in any of the soffits across the village. AESG then inspected and photographed each area for their report.


R2R take health and safety incredibly seriously, even more so when working in residential areas with heavy foot path. R2R set up and cordoned off each area they were working at. Before starting any work our teams ensure that the area around the works, and below when working at height, has been securely segregated to protect others from any potential falling debris. Warning signs and exclusion barriers are erected around the working area to warn others of the potential hazards.


Upon the completion of each inspected area the panels are simply slotted back into position and reaffixed using either the original fixing or similar fixings approved by the manufacturer of the cladding system. Once the cladding panel is reinstated the works area is then cleaned up and the mobile tower scaffold dismantled. We will always leave working areas looking as they were prior to our arrival.

These works are essential and vital to undertake, and it was great to work with AESG on this, a specialist and professional company who understands the seriousness of what we do.

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