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Why Is Firestopping So Important?

Why is firestopping so important? A question we find ourselves answering a lot. And one that we are happy to keep answering to spread the vital importance and awareness of firestopping, and how it saves lives.


R2R are passive fire protection installers. What is Passive Fire Protection? Passive Fire Protection is a critical element to all building structures. It plays a preventive role and is designed to allow a structure to resist a fire during a given time.

Passive Fire Protection methods are intended to stop the progression of fumes, avoid the spread of flames, and maintain the fire stability of structural elements.

These methods are known as “passive” as they work without any human intervention or external energy input. Their main aim is to allow the evacuation of people and to allow time for emergency services to attend and deal with the fire, confining the fire as long as possible in a compartmentalised space.

Compartmentation is the process of dividing a building into ‘compartments’ for effective risk management. Each compartment is then reinforced either by using fire-resistant materials or by installing measures such as fire doors or cavity barriers. The main objective of compartmentation is to contain a fire within a specific section of a building, limiting flames and smoke from passing to other areas of the building. This then allows more time for occupants to safely evacuate a building and for fire services to attend and put out the subsequent fire. To read more about compartmentation have a look at our earlier blog, which covers this topic in more detail.

Simple diagram showing compartmentation throughout building

By carrying out firestopping in buildings, not only are you protecting the building itself from widespread damage and structural breakdown- more importantly you are saving lives. The fact is that smoke and toxic gases claim more lives in fires than the flames themselves. By putting in place passive fire protection methods you are limiting the smoke and toxic gases, and flames, to the compartmentalised area and restricting it’s spread long enough for residents to evacuate or be rescued.

We cannot stress enough how vital it is to ensure your buildings are in line with the latest government guidelines for firestopping, and the devastating effects it will have if they are not. Building safety laws are constantly being updated, and now fines and even jail sentences are being issued to building owners and 'responsible persons' if they are not shown to be following the law and doing what they can to keep residents safe.

We are full certified with BM Trada to carry out Firestopping installation, and Fire door maintenance and installation. All of these are forms of Passive Fire Protection. We are always up to date with any changes, and upcoming changes, in law. And we are passionate about the life saving work we do.

Contact R2R today and have a chat with us about how we can help keep your buildings, the latest laws, and more importantly how we can help to keep your residents safe.

Image showing person looking on our firestopping website screen

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