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R2R Are Supporting Fire Door Safety Week 2021

September the 20-26th is Fire Door Safety Week. This is something that R2R are supporting strongly. We feel the urgency for Fire Doors in all properties to be compliant with the most recent Fire Regulations is not being addressed as urgently as it should be.

We have found a lot of people are unclear who is responsible for Fire Doors in residential properties. The Fire Safety Act 2021, published in April of this year, has made it clear that it is the responsibility the Responsible Person (Building owners, leaseholders and Property Management) for ensuring all doors are Fire Doors and compliant with the most recent Fire Regulations, this includes individual flat doors.

Fire Doors play a key role in passive fire protection, but their importance is often overlooked. This blog and the information available online throughout Fire Door Safety Week are there to ensure everyone is well informed to tackle any fire door problems in a building. At a time when fire safety is under such scrutiny, no one can afford to make any mistakes. Mistakes, in this instance, can result in the tragic loss of lives.

Fire Door Do’s and Don’ts

Here are some Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to Fire Doors and how to ensure they are fully effective:


These Do’s and Don’ts are a guide as to some of the things we, as certified professionals, check for. However, he details behind seals and hinges and gaps are very complex and must be properly looked at by professionals only. This guide cannot replace a full inspection by qualified specialists, it is a guide to highlight any immediate issues. If just one area of a fire door is compromised it will render the door ineffective in the event of a fire and can jeopardise lives.

R2R Can Do Your Fire Door Surveys

R2R are not only fully certified to carry out the maintenance works and installation of fire doors, but we can also carry out the surveys of the doors.

We attend your properties and assess and survey each individual door. Whether that is an individual flat door, lobby door or entrance door. We will survey each one and send you a professional, detailed report on our findings and recommendations. We are then able to carry out the work needed to ensure each door is fit for purpose and compliant to Fire Regulations. Meaning all the work needed to ensure your properties, and their residents are safe, and comply with fire regulations, can be carried out by using just one fully certified Fire Stopping company, R2R.

For more information, please contact us 01462 423 264 or email


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