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Fully certified for the Maintenance and Installation of Fire Doors for Commercial & Residential properties

R2R provide professional Fire Door Installation and Maintenance services across London. We are proud of our portfolio of projects where we have worked with property management companies, large and small organisations, and individual home owners.

We are fully certified with BM Trada for the Installation and Maintenance of Fire Doors in commercial and residential properties. 


Fire doors save lives. They are designed to stop the spread of fire and smoke for a specified amount of time. With the best will in the world, a professionally fitted fire door is only going to perform to its optimum ability if it is used and maintained correctly. Once a fire door has been fitted, it is essential that it is properly maintained. It is now a legal requirement for all individual flat doors and internal doors in corridors and stairwells are Fire Doors.

We understand that this is a huge undertaking for lots of Property Managers and Property Management companies. R2R are here to help with this and to give you peace of mind that the work carried out will save lives, and will always be done to the highest standard by a fully trained and certified company.

Contact us for further information or make a booking for fire door installation and maintenance services.


We cover all aspects of supply and installation of new fire doors, fire-rated ironmongery and certification. We can also carry out repairs on existing fire doors, replacing intumescent fire strip and smoke seals, replacing damaged and broken fire-rated glass panels, and replacing fire-rated ironmongery.



The prime purpose of Fire Doors is to protect lives and offer protection to the remainder of the building, and subsequent neighbouring buildings. We carry out inspections on all doors and provide our clients with a detailed report on our findings, as well as recommendations to ensure the doors are brought up to regulation standard. Fire Doors should always be surveyed and checked by a fully certified and accredited company.

R2R are an accredited Fire Door company- what does this mean for you? Third party accredited companies, like R2R, are always up to date with the latest legislation, we are trained, and audited regularly, to ensure our knowledge and skills are always in line with regulations. We know the correct and safe way to ensure your third-party accredited doors are installed and maintained and surveyed correctly.


R2R are fully certified by BM Trada for Fire Door Maintenance and Installation. Meaning not only can
R2R survey and check all Fire Doors, but we can then carry out the repairs to ensure they're safe and in line with regulations. 

We use QR code stickers when carrying our our fire door surveys. These give each door their own unique QR code, which can be scanned by our operatives, and clients. This will then show all details of the findings from our survey carried out on that door, and any subsequent work carried out on the door following this, to give a clear and detailed Golden Thread of Information for each door.


To find out more about the importance of Fire Doors, follow the link below to one of our recent blog articles.


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