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Planned Preventative Property Maintenance

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

With the increase in heavy rain the last week or two, R2R have been busy attending to leak call outs across London and the hoem counties.

We have found that a lot of these leaks, and subsequent damage from those, could have been prevented with Planned Preventative Maintenance.

Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM), is a scheduled maintenance routine. It is set out to ensure things such as gutters, outlets and roofs are all maintained at regular intervals throughout the year to prevent these leaks, and subsequent costly repairs.


Why is that so important? Well in most cases if things like gutters and roof outlets are not maintained, checked, and cleared regularly they can cause damage which far exceeds the costing of having PPM carried out at scheduled times during the year. If ignored and not maintained this could lead to issues such as leaks, which not only affects the exterior of the property, but can also cause internal damage to properties. This means not only would you be paying out to fix the broken guttering, or roofing repairs but also to redecorate the external view of the building and potentially repair and redecorate internal damage.

Rather than waiting for issues to arise and be reported and then have a team ‘reactively’ repair the issue, PPM acts as a pre-emptive policy against that.


R2R offer property maintenance schedules, where we will attend the property at an agreed number of times per year and check all outlets, gutters and drains. And while we are there, we will always have a check over the roof areas and let you know of any issues we spot that may be a potential issue in the future, like damaged lead work, broken or missing tiles.

We can also provide full roof surveys, which will involve us checking over all areas of the roof and providing you with a full report of our findings, and suggestions on how to improve this to stop any issues before they happen.


The change in weather we have seen across the UK recently will only increase. Heavy rain and wind factors, not regularly seen before means that buildings will experience more damage and leaks as they were not necessarily designed for the extreme weathers we have been experiencing recently. This is where PPM is even more important to have in place, and why now is the time to ensure this is in place, before winter sets in and the forecast rain we have coming up causes as little damage as possible.

Contact us today to talk about arranging a plan for your property.


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