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International Women's Day

Women In Male Dominated Industries

‘Feminism isn’t about making women strong. Women are already strong. It’s about changing the way the world perceives that strength.’

To celebrate International Women’s Day we have decided our latest blog should not only highlight the women in our industry, but also celebrate the fact R2R is proud to have knowledgeable women having leading roles in our company.

It is no secret that the construction and fire based sectors are still predominately male-dominated, and like in most male dominated industries earning the respect of males in the industry still remains an issue for women. We have often found that women are expected to have a ‘back seat’ role, or fulfil the administrative purposes only in our industry- but that is not the case for R2R...

Our Co-Director, Kay Walsh, has found herself immersed in a male dominated industry for many years. Having years of experience and knowledge behind her, it is still often found that many individuals still seem surprised at times that she is as knowledgeable as males in the same leadership role as her.

Kay has a background in accounts and business management, as well as previously being a Property Manager herself. However, while being a Property Manager she found it increasingly difficult to find reliable, knowledgeable companies to carry out work needed to her properties. That is when she, and Co-Director Damian Walsh, decided to create their own company for this specific purpose. From then Kay took a more direct technical role in the company, while also having a unique perspective on knowing what our clients need, having been in that position herself. Having fulfilled the role as Director for many years, and having studied all the BM Trada examination criteria, and keeping up to date with the latest in government changes and guidelines, her knowledge of the firestopping, and the maintenance industry, is extensive.

R2R is a rapidly growing company, one which values it’s employees, no matter what gender or diversities. We are proud to not only have a female co-director, but by growing our team also now have Megan, who joined R2R two years ago, now playing an active role in the logistical and technical side of the business and firestopping.

More men work in the construction industry than women, and some old-fashioned ideas still prevail, but attitudes are changing. The number of women in our industry is growing, the number of women in leadership roles is growing. But unfortunately, there is still a battle with having to ‘prove’ that women are as knowledgeable and skilled in roles typically seen as ‘male’.

Woman-to-woman support is a great way to change an industry that puts a perceived limitation on gender. There is growing support and representation of women supporting each other in the construction and fire industry, through groups, blogs, and even dedicated awards and societies. If you have not already, we recommend seeking out these groups and supporting the women of this industry, and hopefully by doing this we will see more women joining and thriving in the construction and fire safety sectors.

R2R are proud to have a team of passionate, knowledgeable professionals, of all genders, and hope to continue to grow this and break stereotypes in the industry. Showing women are, as ever, as capable as men in providing the best service and knowledge for the safety of your properties.


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