R2R- Approved Installers of Injectaclad


What is Injectaclad?

Injectaclad is a patented Retrospective Cavity Barrier Repair system, developed by leading fire protection experts and used to reinstate the fire resistance performance of wall and floor construction cavity details, without the need for costly façade removal. Introducing an injection material solution can significantly reduce remediation time and costs for this type of work.

What are some of the benefits of using Injectaclad?

What are some of the reasons that Injectaclad is the best option for you and your properties? Let us tell you.

  • There is minimal disruption for building occupants, compared to other methods used to reinstate cavity barriers. In most cases costly and disruptive scaffolding is not needed.

  • Simultaneous and speedy installation across multiple elevations, making the work quick and efficient.

  • Vertical and horizontal installation. Ensuring all linear gaps are present within hidden voids that can allow fire and smoke to pass through from one compartment to another.

  • Avoids the need to remove external façade systems. Keeping the costs and disruption down for residents.

  • It is smoke, gas, water and airtight.

  • Fungi and vermin resistant

  • Water soluble and odourless

How does it actually work?

Holes are opened in the external façade at 2 metre centres, negating the need to remove the whole of the front façade. A reinforcing mesh is installed into the cavity, supported by stainless steel pins which have been fixed evenly between the openings.

The product is pumped into the cavity to the desired depth and width void, using a patented method, to form a linear cavity fire barrier. Utilizing the systems reinforcing mesh and holding pin supports.

The areas are then closed up and the areas made good. The external view will be as it was prior to any work being carried out.


Injectaclad Testing

  • Fire tested in accordance with BS8414-1:2015+A1:2017 in June 2017

  • Tested to BSEN: 1366-4 up to 2hr integrity and insulation

  • Tests designed in the style of ASFP Guidance TGD 19

Injectaclad has gone through rigorous testing with Warrington Fire. All test data sheets are available on request.


How we can help you?

R2R are approved installers of Injectaclad and can carry out these works on your properties. Keeping you informed across the whole process, providing you with a full detailed record of the work carried out.

To find out more about this innovative system and to discuss the full benefits it can provide for you contact us today at info@r2rmf.co.uk or call our office on 01462 423264.